Monday, 12 March 2007

Paris Show

I am back in the UK after our visit to the Paris show. On the first day we went to SIMA which is the Paris machinery and equipment show. It is amazing the size of some of the machinery and the large number of exhibitors there. However there was nothing for the Domestic Fowl Trust . Some of the machinery would have problems turning round in our fields let alone getting through the gate!! They also cost the equivalent of a small house so we will have to make do with our second hand vintage machinery. There was a wide range though, there were several stands selling small milking machines and machinery for small farms. You rarely see small farms catered for at agricultural shows in the UK.

The next day Clive and I went to SIA. This show is on the opposite side of Paris to SIMA at the Porte de Versailles. This event showcases French agriculture. I took some photos of the egg exhibit . There was lots of quizzes for the children to do and cookery demonstrations.

The main chickens on display in the poultry area were Warren type for eggs and the naked neck shown below which are kept for meat. They were also showing chicks hatching which was exciting for the children. As I can't speak French I could not understand what the demonstrators were saying about the hens but it must have been interesting because the place was crowded.

There was also a poultry show for the exhibition breeds but there were not as many birds present as at the British Championship show . The winner was a Charolais Cockerel which resembled our Ixworths but a much lighter bird. It was too dark and crowded to take decent pictures.

There were exhibits of all species of animals including dogs and cats. All the French breeds of cattle were present including a miniature breed of cows called the Bretonne Pie Noire. As you can see Clive had a long conversation with them.

I did take some pictures of the Mules for Jenny as she is our resident Mule expert.

Back at the Domestic Fowl Trust we are getting ready for Easter. I am organising a series of poultry keeping courses.To cover choice of breeds, housing, feeding, welfare etc.

The first is on Tuesday 27th March from 10.00am to 3.30pm .

then each month after that

Tuesday 24th April

Tuesday 22nd May

If you want to book telephone 01386 833083 to reserve a place. The cost is £50.00 per person to include lunch in the cafe. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

The chicks are hatching now and we are selling a large number of hatching eggs . I was on Radio Mercia this morning talking to them about incubating and brooding chicks because they are incubating some for Easter. I hope they have a good hatching rate.

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