Friday, 8 December 2006

Introduction to the Domestic Fowl Trust

As this is the first Blog I have ever posted. I thought I would introduce myself and the folks at the Domestic Fowl Trust. I am Bernie and together with my husband Clive and daughter Emma we run the Domestic Fowl Trust. The rest of the team are Teigh and Paddy who work outside mainly with the chickens and Jenny with the farm animals. These three are helped by Jamie, Abby and Andy at weekends. In the tea room we have Ann and Martyn and the cleaning is done by Mo.

The Domestic Fowl Trust was set up in 1979 to conserve the rare breeds of chickens , ducks , geese and turkeys.It started out on a farm near Stratford-on -Avon and moved to it's present site at Honeybourne in 1986 . Over the years we have added to the number of birds kept and in 1998 when Clive and I moved from the Dairy farm we brought the Irish moiled Cows and other Rare Breeds with us. For more details of rare breeds go to

The Trust extends over 29 acres . Although it is small in acreage we have over 150 different breeds and varieties of poultry each in their own pen so we are kept busy. As you can imagine there is a lot of fencing to be done . I was going to post a new photograph of myself but at the moment I am sporting a Black eye from hitting myself with a fence post basher whilst building a new pen for Gertie our Oxford Sandy and Black sow. She thought it was great fun I could almost see her laughing.
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